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Sunflower Seeds | Witch's Garden

Sunflower Seeds | Witch's Garden

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Species: Sunflower.

History: Introduced to Britain from the Americas in the 16th Century.


  • Associated with truth, loyalty, honesty and good luck.
  • Filled with solar energy.
  • Bathe in the petals for an instant pick-me-up.

You will receive approximately 5 seeds inside this packet. 1 packet supplied. 

Sow April-May outdoors or indoors any time.

A lunar guide is included on the back of the seed packet should you wish to plant in accordance with the phases of the moon.

About our seeds:

All seeds are sourced within the UK and have been tested by me to make sure that they grow good healthy plants. I cannot guarantee that they will grow for you as I have no control over your growing conditions but I have had a lot of success with these.

No metaphysical claim is made with this product. The uses and lunar guide are given for interest only.

A note on our unique packaging:

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and contains no plastic of any kind. In most cases it is also handmade in house.

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