About Us

Welcome one and all to Mymble + Company. An eclectic, design-lead, eco-conscious general store with a twist - everything you see here from the handmade bears to the witchcraft supplies, was designed (and in many cases made) by just two people over the course of twenty-five years.

We are Peggy Seymour and Abbi Shaw, the creative minds (and bodies) behind Prudence and the Crow, The Mymble's Daughter, Mymble and Co Bears, Hullabaloo Prints, Silverthorpe and Daughters and many more besides. Over the quarter of a century we have been working together online you may have come across our various works in:

Here's a roundup of what you can currently find here at Mymble & Co:

Mymble & Co Handmade Bears: The namesake of our general store, Mymble & Co Bears was established in 2012. The bears themselves are made entirely by hand, by us, a stitch at a time, from the highest quality mohair and felt. Every one is one of a kind.

Prudence and the Crow: Our beloved vintage book subscription box. It is ten years old this year and we are like proud parents. Every month, like clockwork, we send out vintage books carefully matched to the reading preferences of our subscribers. We also design all the packaging and gifts that accompany them. You can find a selection of those here at Mymble & Co and, if you're interested in subscribing, you can visit Prudence and Crow's full website here.

Hullabaloo Prints: Our range of in-house designed, affordable prints to help liven up your boring walls. Not just a pretty face, our prints are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, plastic-free, locally produced, 100% recyclable and in many cases also available in digital format so you can print them at home or support your local print studio. You can also visit Hullabaloo Prints full website here.

Silverthorpe & Daughters: Everything a modern witch needs for house and home. We locally source spell ingredients and tools and offer a range of esoterically-minded prints and homewares to decorate your space all packaged in plastic-free packaging and using vegan-friendly materials. We also have our own range of self-published digital Sabbat Guides and digital art prints on the way.

Coming just as soon as they can:

Woolmer Wool: Hand-spun wool from local sheep.
adorapop.art: Original artwork and prints.
winter/winter: Bizarre yet compelling sustainable streetwear.

We'll also be expanding our current ranges to include so much more so please check back and sign up to our newsletter for special offers and to stay informed! There's a link at the bottom of the page.