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Sabbat Celebration Box | Lugnasadh | Lammas | 1st August

Sabbat Celebration Box | Lugnasadh | Lammas | 1st August

20th June

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Carefully curated kits containing everything you need to celebrate the upcoming Witch's Sabbat packaged in plastic-free materials with a vegan-friendly option.

  • Dispatches: 23rd July 2024

Our Sabbat Boxes typically contain:

  •  A physical copy of our popular digital sabbat guide for the relevant sabbat
  • A physical copy of our digital guide to Setting Up an Altar and Casting a Circle (unless you've received one in a previous box)
  • Locally foraged spell ingredients
  • A carefully sourced crystal or two (usually in its natural, unpolished state)
  • Witchy seeds
  • A cone of incense
  • A candle (vegan option available)
  • Added surprises

Typically 8-12 items per box

All packaged into a box that is just the right size to slip through your letterbox.

The Deluxe Box contains:

  • Everything from the £22 box
  • Plus added vintage and/or larger items

Typically 9-13 items per box

This option comes in a bigger box to make way for the extra goodies and wont fit through your letterbox.

  • CONTENTS WILL VARY - part of the fun is the surprise and we wouldn't want to ruin it for you!

Our boxes are different:

Our packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable and 100% plastic free.

All our boxes come with a vegan friendly option.

The majority of our spell ingredients are locally foraged.

Our crystals are sourced responsibly and are often in their natural, unpolished state.

We source vintage items and give them a new life.

Our packaging and goods are designed and made in-house by us, exclusively for us.

About our Ingredients:

All ingredients are naturally sourced within the UK.

No metaphysical claim is made with this product.

Not suitable for human consumption.

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